Thursday, March 28, 2013

My First Trip to Europe, July 1989

From Lynnae Amsterdam, Holland 1989 Rhodes Trip

On July 10, 1989, a day after my 13th birthday, I departed on my first trip to Europe.   My 8th grade history teacher planned the trip and my best friend and I asked our parents if we could go.  Our parents agreed and after several signed permission slips, deposits, and meetings, we were on our way.

We flew from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Detroit International Airport, after a long layover, there were problems with the plane, we departed Detroit for London's Gatwick Airport.  We met a group of students from Oregon and California and we toured Europe together. We spent 15 days in Europe, visited London, Paris, Lucerne, Verona, Venice, Austria, Germany, and Amsterdam.

I do not remember much from my junior high school trip to Europe. I found (my parents keep everything) our EF Tours itinerary and this refreshed my memory a little.  I also made a scrap book after our trip to Europe, with pictures and comments on our activities. I do not remember if this was a school assignment or if I put it together on my own.

Almost 24 years later, I will finally return to Europe, this time I will visit more than twice as many countries as I did in 1989, and hopefully I will remember more of the trip and take better pictures.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going to Europe

I am still in the US, will be traveling to Europe soon for some much needed rest and relaxation.  I will also spend a lot of time seeing the sights, meeting people, and maybe I'll find a job in Europe too. I will document my travels across Europe here, I have not cemented my itinerary, tentatively I plan to visit 14 countries in 35 days.  I have my Eurail Global Pass, my plans are flexible, follow my blog to stay posted on my European adventure.