Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 2 in Prague, Sandeman's Free Walking tour & Castle Tour

I woke up around 9am this morning, my plan was to go on at least one walking tour, Sandeman's free walking tour of Prague.  I knew Sandeman's had a Castle walking tour in the afternoon, I figured I would see how I felt after the first walking tour and decide whether to go on the second or just explore Prague on my own.

I got breakfast at our hostel, first time I have made it to breakfast at any of my hostels in a long time.  The hostel had a decent ham sandwich breakfast.  I tried to access WIFI from the hostel lounge while eating breakfast, the WIFI was spotty and I gave up.  I left the hostel at about 10:15 am for the meeting point for the free Prague walking tour, I was the first person at the meeting spot.  By the time the tour left, there was a small crowd.

The free 3 hour walking tour took us all over Prague, highlights included some sights I had already seen, the astronomical clock, the powder tower, etc. Other highlights of the tour I had not seen, tribute to Mozart, the old Jewish Quarter, a Franz Kafka statue at the entrance to the Jewish Quarter, the Old/New Synagogues, the memorial to the Jews who were murdered during WWII, and more things I cannot remember.

Lynnae at Wenceslas Square, site of the Velvet Revolution 

Lynnae & Mozart Statue 
Lynnae & Franz Kafka Statue in Prague's old Jewish Quarter
In the afternoon I went on the Prague Castle Tour, we went to the aristocratic part of Prague and learned more about Prague's history.  I will not recount every highlight of the tour, we took a Tram to the Castle District, I saw the changing of the guards at Prague Palace, saw the home Franz Kafka lived, we also saw the home where former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was born.

Lynnae & Czech Guard at the Prague Castle before changing of the guards 

Me with Prague in Background from Hilltop near Prague Castle
We ended the Castle tour with a walk across the Charles Bridge.  I was saturated with Prague and Czech history today, I am not sure how much I will remember, I definitely want to learn more about the history of this small country.  Tomorrow I have an early morning train to Vienna.

Prague Photo Album Day 2
Changing of the Guards Video at Prague Castle 

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