Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 3 in Eliat, A Day at the Beach

Today was a relaxing day, I got up around 9:30 am, checked out of my hostel and spent the day at the beach.  I checked out of the hostel this morning, I am going to Cairo and the Pyramids tonight.  I did not want to pay for a night I will not be sleeping at the hostel. I will leave my luggage in a locker at the hostel and spend the night here on Wednesday.

On my way to the beach, I stopped and got a pastry filled with Cheese at a cafe on my way to the beach for breakfast. I ate my late breakfast at a cafe on Eilat's main street, there were Israeli soldiers at the table next to me, a few other patrons and people going about their daily lives in this Israeli resort town.

Breakfast on my way to the Beach
While I was eating breakfast, I was thinking about a suicide bomber attack on Eilat in 2007, I read about it on Wikipedia last night and it popped into my mind.  Imagine sitting somewhere, enjoying your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and someone comes in and blows themselves up.  As I walked to the beach, I looked at the other places where there were people sitting inside and outside, eating, drinking coffee, enjoying the weather, and thought about the suicide attacks Israel has dealt with over the years.  Then, like I'm sure the Israelis do, the thought went to the back of my mind and I continued my day.

I went to the Eilat beach, found a lounge chair with shade and sat down to relax by the red sea.  Eventually someone from the beach came to collect 20 shekels from me for use of the reclining lounge chair, it was worth it, I paid.  I sat outside on the beach for several hours, enjoying the weather.  I read my Kindle a little, but mainly listened to the music from the beach bar next to where I was reclined and looked out at the read sea.

View of Red Sea from the Beach 
Lynnae Reclining in Lounge Chair 
Me at Eliat Beach on the Red Sea 

I could see Jordan's flag  waving in the air from where I was sitting on the beach, Egypt is not far either, but was not visible from my vantage point.  I went back to my hostel around 5pm to do my laundry, only to learn, the dryers were broken, all the laundry had to be hung dried.  I would not have time to was and dry clothes before I left for Egypt tonight.  I will do my laundry at my next hostel, hopefully it will have an operational dryer too.

I leave for Cairo in about an hour, I am going to go find something to eat for dinner, and some snacks to take with me on the journey.  My next blog post will be sometime tomorrow night, depending on when I arrive back in Eilat, if it is too late, I will blog about my trip to Cairo and the Pyramids on Thursday. 

Day 3 in Eilat Photo Album


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