Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 1 in Madrid, A Sick Day

I arrived in Madrid from Marrakesh late this afternoon.  For the first time on my trip, I have no pictures to post on my blog.  I think I am run down from staying in hostels, some rest should cure my cold quickly.

My morning started around 8 am, I got up, showered, went down for breakfast in the hostel.  I was very happy to see a fried egg for breakfast, I have no had an egg since I began touring Europe at the end of March.  I had to share the egg with one person eating breakfast with me, but it was big enough for two of us,  I miss my American style breakfast, bacon and eggs and toast.

I got my taxi to the airport shortly after breakfast, a man from the hostel walked me to the taxi, the hostel arranges them for guests. There was a misunderstanding and the taxi driver took me to the train or bus station instead of the airport.  I got to the airport with plenty of time to catch my flight to Madrid, despite the detour to the Bus/Train station.

I flew Ryan Air to Madrid, an Irish low cost airline. I knew what to expect from Ryan Air's cattle call, this was my second flight, it was not bad.  I got a seat near the front, an aisle seat. A man sat next to the window and I think we were the only row with nobody in a middle seat, always nice.  I dozed off part of the flight, got stuck standing during the first half of the flight.  I got up to go the the bathroom and the flight attendants started the snack service, I did not mind standing for a few minutes, broke up sitting for the entire two hour flight.

Madrid's subway system was easy to navigate, I had no problems finding my way to the stop near my hotel. I did pass the street with the hotel, I eventually found my way back after the detour.  I did not do much in Madrid, I got a late lunch/early dinner, went to the grocery store and bought Orange Juice for my cold and stocked up on other things.  I will sleep in tomorrow and go sightseeing in the afternoon.  I should be fully recovered from my cold by then, I hope. 

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